Event DateApptEvent Name
4/22/2015   GRA Political Action Committee Contribution
2/9/2016   Webinar: Reducing Tax Burdens Presented by Smith, Gambrell & Russell LLP
2/9/2016   Recipes for Success: Crowdfunding for Restaurants, Getting More Cooks in the Kitchen
2/16/2016   Big Data and IoT for Managing Energy in Hospitality
2/17/2016   8th Annual Taste of Georgia
2/22/2016   Solar Energy Webinar Presented by Solar Concierge
2/29/2016   Henry County Food Code Briefing
3/2/2016   Oil Management Workshop
3/9/2016   Restaurant Catering Leadership Workshop
3/14/2016   Eleanor's Table with Karen Bremer
3/15/2016   Georgia Food Code Briefing


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