Event DateApptEvent Name
4/22/2015   GRA Political Action Committee Contribution
10/26/2016   Webinar: Hiring and Turnover in 2016: Not Just a Millennial Problem
10/27/2016   NRA Webinar: EMV and Restaurants - One Year Later
11/1/2016   Webinar: Attracting, Hiring and Retaining Hospitality Talent.
11/2/2016   Webinar: The New Form I-9 and E-Verify: What You Need to Know to be in Compliance!
11/3/2016   Annual Southeast Restaurant Forum
11/6/2016   16th Annual Afternoon in the Country
11/7/2016   Legends of Atlanta Roast
11/7/2016   Spanish ServSafe® Food Safety Manager Certification Class and Exam
11/8/2016   Webinar: Cybersecurity & How It Affects You
11/13/2016   10th Annual GRACE Awards Gala
12/2/2016   Jackson Lewis Annual Symposium


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